Isolation Diary: Week 5 – Katie and Nikitah

Monday – Nikitah

This morning my mother expresses unhappiness that although we live in the same house, we have not spent enough time together ‘chatting.’ I ask if she has heard of Tiger King, the Netflix documentary whose extreme drama has occupied much of my recent time. “Is that a restaurant?” Our fitness level has declined at the same rate as our motivation. A few weeks ago we joined into Joe Wicks’ home workout, live-streamed at 9am sharp. Last night she mixed Bailey’s with her hot chocolate and watched the morning’s rerun from the comfort of her duvet. Today, she opens her curtains and checks the weather app on her phone. The forecast has decided to be surprisingly cheerful considering we can only enjoy the sun once a day for the foreseeable future. “At least Barbara will be able to paint her shed,” she remarks, wryly. “She needed 3 days of no rain.”

Tuesday – Katie

Another week of isolation begins. I’ve almost settled into a routine, starting to use this time more effectively and doing the little things I’ve always wanted to do but never have because I’m worryingly good at procrastinating. Today’s new thing was inspired by a video on TikTok, an app I downloaded ironically and now watch for hours every night before bed. The girl in this video had the best hair: big, massive ringlet curls. She looked so good I thought I’d give it a go, and proceeded to curl my entire head of hair… This took an hour and a half and I’m not even mad about that. It’s definitely something I’ll consider doing for a night out when quarantine is over in 5 to 6 to 7 months/years.

Wednesday – Nikitah

An illustration of a top less blue figure holding her breast in one hand, the other breast is covered by a green bra which is hooked over one arm. There is a spider crawling along one breast. The figure has their mouth open in a scream.

I select a pair of clean pyjamas to change into after my shower, and start to undress from the pair of pyjamas I am currently wearing. I look at the ‘day’ clothes, hanging on a rail in my bedroom, and think about a tweet I read earlier which asked whether these untouched garments think we have died in the time since loungewear became vogue. My train of thought is interrupted by something moving in the corner of my eye. I look down and to my horror see a SPIDER crawling across my left breast. I shriek and spook us both, and it jumps onto the floor. How long was it inside my clothing? How did it get there? I make a mental note to start a Spring clean with the last of the antibacterial surface wipes.

Thursday – Katie

Period acne is something I’ve had for the longest time and I get it during and for a few days after my period. It is now almost a week later and it’s still in full flare. I’m 23 and I have acne. I thought as you got older the problem of pimples was meant to fade into a distant memory but clearly I’m not so lucky. I order some products from Glossier to cheer myself up and because #skincare. Watch this space because soon I’ll have clear skin again (in 10-15 working days.)

Friday – Nikitah

This week’s egg drama begins to unfold when word hits the family WhatsApp group that my father has procured two dozen eggs. I scramble up my stay at home staple of egg on toast, and treat myself to two instead of one since there are more on the way. I learn how to line a bread tin with a series of complicated folds from an Australian lady on YouTube, and in the middle of mixing banana bread ingredients together my father messages to say he’s sorry but the eggs have been passed on to someone who needed them to bake a cake.

I am internally raging all afternoon (what recipe requires 24 eggs?) until he comes home with…24 eggs. I pretend to laugh at the ruse and share around slices of the afternoon’s bake. This level of culinary achievement has remained unmatched thus far, or so I thought. There is a knock at the door. It appears the neighbours are following the Internet bread baking trend and have left a perfectly risen loaf on the doorstep. We leave a box of eggs on theirs in return, because sharing food with the people around you is just like sharing pictures of food online, but in real life. 

Saturday – Katie

An illustration of a jumper hanging on a washing line outside, next to an orange fence. The text reads: "This is meant to be a drawing of a tie dye jumper, but I can't figure out how to draw it - so please use your imagination. Thanks."

Today started slowly and when I say slowly I mean I was still in bed at midday watching YouTube videos with titles like “Woman Leaves New Husband For Her Cousin On Her Wedding Day.” Just as captivating as you’d think. I used the rest of the day trying out bleach tie dyeing, which honestly worked really well. Recently I went through my wardrobe, found a load of clothes I no longer wear and thought I’d try this technique out on a few in the hope it would make me like them again – before I inevitably give the whole pile away to charity. I chose a light green jumper and black crop top and I love them and can’t wait until they are dry enough to wear.

TIP: if you cut three wholes for your head and arms in a bin bag it becomes a pretty good overall.

This is the YouTube video I watched if you’re bored enough to give it a go:

Sunday – Katie and Nikitah

Today we had a meeting to discuss our diaries because we are organised business women. Of course the business meeting happened over Facebook Messenger because one of us can’t figure out how to use Zoom. We’ll leave it to you to guess who.

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