UTWHYYYYY?! – Part 2

Ok, maybe Part 2 is a little late. What can I say… Lockdown 2.0 sucked and had me feeling blue, spending my evenings crying over old hard drive videos of happier, more simple times. Anyways, Nikitah and I are feeling invigorated for the new year and I’m really excited to start putting energy into this blog as I do really enjoy having this thing that is ours that we work on together. Apology over! Here is the much anticipated UTWHYYYYY?! Part 2.

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At first I thought the UTIs were alcohol related, but after talking to doctors I got told it could be anything from diet or weight to the types of clothes I was wearing to sexual activities. The list went on and as it did, the more hopeless I became. I realised there wasn’t a real solution barring pumping my body full of antibiotics.

Eventually I started to realise this is something there isn’t a straightforward answer to, and the doctors don’t have a lifetime fix for it. I’d love to say to you I fixed it and I have a fool-proof plan to not get another one but that’s just not the case. What I do have is a small arsenal of things I do that definitely reduce the chance of getting a UTI. So here is my “most-of-the-time-it-works” plan to reduce the burnnn.

Number 1 and most importantly DO NOT HOLD ONTO WEE. When you need to wee just go, even if you’re in the middle of sex – you have to go. Holding onto urine can just lead to whole load of germs and grossness to fester inside you. You are literally giving the enemy time to organise a battle plan and that’s just dumb. So flush that wee-wee out as often as you can!

Number 2 try to manage your diet so the stuff you intake doesn’t encourage meanie bacteria to grow. So reduce sugar, alcohol and coffee and most importantly drink gallons of water. Being constantly hydrated is so important to help you flush through any toxins and bacteria lurking inside. Alongside this make sure you are hydrating yourself with the right things. WATER IS YOUR SAVIOUR and avoid at all cost things with blackberry in them.

Number 3 try if possible to pee before and after sex. This does involve some planning and can kinda ruin the vibe of spontaneity but, believe me, if you are as sick as I am of getting home from a date and spending the whole night crying in pain on the toilet it’s worth it. What I do is down a pint of water before and another as soon as possible after. This allows your system to wash itself through and clean itself out in case any bacteria has got stuck during sex. 

Number 4 is not 100% proven but I take 2 cystisis pills in the morning, 2 D-Mannose tablets after sex and a probiotic everyday as well. I think they work (obvs I’m no doctor) so make sure you read up on this first and even talk to your doctor if you’re unsure. I’ll link the ones I use below if you want to give them a try.

  • Superdrug Cystitis Prevention Capsules here
  • Precision D-Mannose 500mg 90 Capsules by Swiss BioEnergetics here
  • Solgar Advanced Acidophilus Plus Vegetable Capsules by Natural world here

Number 5 don’t use any lubricants without testing them on your skin before. When I say testing I don’t just mean on your hand as allergies can vary in different areas. I am allergic to every lubricant I have tried. They immediately flare up to cause a burnt, prickly sensation and leave an itchy red rash for days. I’m sure there will be one that I won’t be allergic to, and I will make sure to share with you when I do find it, but for now that side of things is kinda on me. But hey, I’m not gonna moan about having to “mess around” for a little longer to make sure I’m ready. I have found when I talk to the person I am dating about these things they are happy to do what’s best for me and if they aren’t they can get fucked… by somebody else obvs.

Number 6 watch what you put near your crotch. Try to wear breathable knickers and change them regularly. Also, when washing them I use unscented detergent and steer well clear of fabric softener. Try to reduce any fragranced products near your cooch. I find that even the most minimal fragranced period products set me off so I have to be super careful when buying them.

Number 7 should be a given but clean your/partner’s hands and sex toys before use. Let’s not add anymore germs into the problem area eh..?

Finally, number 8 is be prepared. I’ve learnt recently that to be considered to have reoccurring UTI’s you need to have at least 6 in year that have been reported and written on your notes at your local GP (this information is based on a call I had with my UK doctor in 2020.) I was given an email to send the report to, in which I included the colour and smell of wee, any other symptoms and how long they have gone on for and also photos of the home dipstick test I had done, including writing down the results as well as showing them. Make sure to end the email explaining what you want to have done with this info. In my case half the time I just want it added to my notes as I often manage to fight off the UTI with one sleepless night and gallons of water. It’s important to have a urine testing sticks and urine samples stocked in as well as the test needs to be taken when the UTI is at its worst and not once it becomes heavily diluted with water, as this results in an inaccurate and not representative result. The sample bottles are useful to have too as they allow you to take a sample to the GP ASAP. Best to check with your GP if this is acceptable as some will want you to wee into a bottle supplied by them. I’ll link below the products I use.

  • Container, 30ml here
  • Urine Test Strips here

. . .

I think that is it… for now. I’ll be sure to let you know if I come across any more tips and tricks and I’d love to know if you guys have any other ways of handling reoccurring UTIs. Get in touch as I will happily add to this list.

Also as I mentioned at the beginning Nikitah and I have loved every second of writing this blog and we are starting to get that energy again we had at the beginning. Life in lockdown, as we all know, is a weird one and sometimes our lives right now seem a little lack lustre to share but hopefully we will have another post out soon!

– Katie

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