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Afternoon Delight is a space which gives a physical form to the things we chat about when drunk. It’s an ice breaker for the topics we avoid in ‘polite’ conversation; the kinds of taboo reserved for spilling alongside a drink, inhibitions dissolving with each measure ingested.

It’s all those honest, personal conversations we have together; the conversations where we exchange helpful and empowering words, but quickly forget them because they’re not written down anywhere. Our memory disappears as quickly as the drinks in front of us, and we’re left with an “oh, I had a really great conversation with you but I can’t remember what it was” kind of feeling.

Afternoon Delight is a community which helps you to find the confidence to speak and listen just because you can. We hope that in the process of sharing our chats, other people realise their experiences aren’t weird or strange, and that it’s okay to share them.


Nikitah is a Sagittarius sun / Sagittarius moon / Leo rising. She’s not entirely sure what this means but according to her astrology app, she comes across as either a know-it-all or the centre of attention… which sounds quite accurate.

Nikitah resides in Kent. She’ll wait a few weeks before divulging that on her current income as an arts graduate, her housemates’ names are Mum and Dad.

Nikitah enjoys drinking and sharing more personal details than is necessary for a 6pm catch up dinner with friends.

During ‘adulthood’ Nikitah has developed many skills, the majority of which unfortunately are unsuitable for endorsement on LinkedIn. She has, however, amassed a collection of stories under the guise of life experience, which you can look forward to reading in future editions of Afternoon Delight.


Katie is a Cancer sun / Libra moon / Aries rising. Intel gathered through internet reconnaissance translates this as her possession of a confident mask which can sometimes be mistaken for conceit (thanks, Google.) Beneath this ‘mask’ Katie is actually an emotional mess, even if first impressions speak otherwise.  

Katie begrudgingly (still) lives with her parents, in Kent. She will always be sure to specify she’s from Medway in an attempt to appear less privileged than she actually is. 

Katie’s main activities are getting drunk at the pub, getting drunk at the park, getting drunk in the garden and getting drunk at home. Katie is proud of the versatility of pursuits that she participates in. 

Katie does not claim to be a writer but hopes she can create compelling content through words and illustration. Her goal is to start having more honest conversations, not only with friends and family but an audience and more importantly, herself.

Afternoon Delight

Founded in 2020 by Nikitah Patel and Katie Buller, Afternoon Delight is an online zine for sharing experiences and talking taboos through storytelling and discussion to empower all.

Join the community on Instagram and send us your stories over email. We would love to hear from you.


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