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When we think about leaving – by Maya Ribeiro

Maya (she/they) is a 16-year-old writer, working out of Mumbai. Through her work, she likes to explore the things that people don’t talk about, how to display them artistically and make them seem like a universal experience.

shadow girl – Daniela P Camejo Sanchez

shadow girl is a poem by Daniela P Camejo Sanchez. Her writing is about toxic and abusive relationships, and more importantly, losing yourself because of them.

A reunion

It’s a hazy September evening, the kind where the air is a warm pillow and the day passes slowly, like a wasp drunk on spilled beer. I step onto the busy pavement outside the office, insects trying not to sway into each other’s paths, when I see the top of Tom’s head sticking out of…

The Realities of Eating Disorder Recovery: interview with Abbie Jackson

Abbie Jackson is a 22-year-old actress and writer from the UK, striving for change in the way eating disorders are portrayed in the media. We interviewed Abbie about her project Recovery, a short film about the realities of eating disorder recovery in adults.

Raising awareness of Domestic Abuse during Covid-19: interview with Kaitlyn Boxall

Kaitlyn Boxall is a 21-year-old independent film director from Welling, UK. She has recently released a film called Behind Closed Doors, which has received international praise for its realistic portrayal of domestic violence. We caught up with Kaitlyn to discuss her filmmaking and work in encouraging women to speak out about their experiences.

Muscle Memory – by Sophie Raoufi

This is a short story of a reunion between two ex-lovers. It describes the relatable feeling of returning to past moments, and the empowering realisation that some relationships are best left in the past.

(Slightly less) SadGirl 2020: a year in review. Part 2

From navigating a new job whilst working from home, swiping on dating apps to meeting IRL in 2020’s summer of love, Katie shares the second part of the year in which she learned how to be herself again.

Mental Health and the Film Industry: interview with Ella Greenwood

Ella Greenwood is a 19-year-old British actress and filmmaker. She works as a mental health activist and is an ambassador for teen mental health charity, stem4. We caught up with Ella to interview her about campaigning for better representation of mental health in the media and getting into the film industry as a woman.

SadGirl 2020: a year in review. Part 1

As a graduate, it’s not uncommon to place yourself under what feels like an unsurmountable level of pressure to find a job. But what happens when you land a new position, only to be plunged into working from home? This is the first part of Katie’s year in review.

Dating a ghost

Spending so much time alone in lockdown has created a strange phenomenon when it comes to dating. In the absence of touch, our minds have relied on imaginations to the point where even real life now feels substituted by a dream. This is a short story about a date and the feeling of being surrounded…

Mistaken identity

Have you ever been mistaken by a stranger for somebody else? This is a short story about unsolicited opinions and why it’s not OK to pick your nose on the bus.

UTWHYYYYY?! – Part 2

Part 2 is here, and Katie is sharing her go-to tips and advice for how to reduce the UTI burn.

UTWHYYYYY?! – Part 1

I had my first UTI at aged 2 and a half, and ever since then I’ve continued to have the same problems. UTI’s have become a constant in my life, and this is my journey of diagnosis and medication.

The Dating Dilemma

This personal essay is a reflection of past moments, coming to term with endings, and the complexities of beginning intimacy without physical touch.

To the man down the road (a poem)

When out walking the dog, what happens if a stranger says hello? What if they try to push the conversation, and won’t stop? This is poem that discusses the strangely guilty feeling we have when we don’t feel safe in the persistent company of a stranger on the street.

My Journey to Recovery – by Esme Michaela

Esme Michaela writes about how diet culture and the portrayal of slim-bodied women on screen fed into the expectations she had of her own body since childhood, and shares her journey to recovery and bodily freedom.

Let’s talk about: nudes

During times like these it’s easy to feel down about the way we look. So how do we start to feel good about ourselves again when the world around us is full of uncertainty? Capturing a moment when you feel good about yourself is a reminder of that self-assured feeling in times when confidence is…

Lockdown and its impact on my mental health

Over the past few months I have indulged in my anxiety. I have always found it difficult to leave the house on a ‘normal’ day, feeling cemented to the front doorstep for reasons I can’t explain. The introduction of lockdown brought with it the perfect excuse: I am not allowed to go outside.

A list of places I’ve avoided because of boys (Part 2)

Have you ever avoided a particular place, perhaps a bar or a venue, maybe at a specific time, because you consciously or subconsciously associate it to a particular person, one you’d rather not see? We’re definitely guilty of it.

Sexual Assault Resources

This list of resources has been compiled to help those affected by sexual assault and abuse, with additional educational resources for people supporting them.

Anti-racism resources

What we would like to do here is encourage everyone who can to have a look at the following links to see how you can aid the Black Lives Matter movement. Only through committing to long-term action will we move towards change.

The Period Party

Welcome to the first edition of The Period Party, a series created to celebrate all things period. To kick-start the party we discuss our first periods and what it would be like if we had thrown ourselves a party to celebrate them.

A list of places I’ve avoided because of boys (Part 1)

You might occasionally return to a place you went to with someone you used to date. A memory of the moment will come forth, unable to pass up the opportunity to remind you that it still exists, a bit like the boy who texts “hey, how are you?” when you haven’t spoken for two years.

Isolation Diary: Week 6 and 7 – Katie

Personal space is something we all have a right to and even more so during a time of social distancing. As we are spending more of our hours indoors, anxiety of the outside is increasing and we need to be more mindful of how we conduct ourselves in public spaces.

The man on the train

The commuter train is an environment where it is an unspoken rule to remain as quiet as possible. This is a personal essay that looks back on a moment of invaded space on a train, and the lasting affects of the consequences of one individual’s actions upon another.

The gift of sight

Eyelashes taped down, eyelids clamped open, vision bathed in a blur of anaesthetic drops; the current situation had quickly escalated the ranks to join the top five most unpleasant moments of my life.

Isolation Diary: Week 4 – Katie

I woke up this morning fresh and early. I had just about summoned the energy to get up, start the weekend and be ‘productive,’ when suddenly shit hits the fan.

Isolation Diary: Week 1 – Nikitah

Welcome to this special edition weekly diary, isolation-style. Here we follow the highs and lows of life during what future history textbooks will refer to as the year the world ran out of toilet roll.

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