Dating a ghost

Spending so much time alone in lockdown has created a strange phenomenon when it comes to dating. In the absence of touch, our minds have relied on imaginations to the point where even real life now feels substituted by a dream. This is a short story about a date and the feeling of being surrounded by ghosts.

UTWHYYYYY?! – Part 1

I had my first UTI at aged 2 and a half, and ever since then I’ve continued to have the same problems. UTI’s have become a constant in my life, and this is my journey of diagnosis and medication.

Let’s talk about: nudes

During times like these it’s easy to feel down about the way we look. So how do we start to feel good about ourselves again when the world around us is full of uncertainty? Capturing a moment when you feel good about yourself is a reminder of that self-assured feeling in times when confidence is fading.

A list of places I’ve avoided because of boys (Part 1)

You might occasionally return to a place you went to with someone you used to date. A memory of the moment will come forth, unable to pass up the opportunity to remind you that it still exists, a bit like the boy who texts “hey, how are you?” when you haven’t spoken for two years.