Afternoon delight is a space reminiscent of the open and honest discussions we have within our friendships.

We are a platform for sharing stories to empower each other and deepen the strength of our voices.

We believe in the importance of learning from our experiences, because not only is it okay to make mistakes but it’s okay to change: personal growth is power. Our zine began as a space to share stories from our lives in order to normalise experiences that we otherwise might have seen as embarrassing, shameful, or something not to be shared at all. From periods to dating histories and beyond, we found it helpful to reflect on the similarities between our lives which we wouldn’t have known before discussing them.

The work we publish on our zine aims to share a message, whether that’s something learnt or gained from an experience (fictional or autobiographical), reflecting on a significant (or insignificant) moment in time, a ‘taboo’ subject, feminist perspectives, subjects we feel passionately about, amplifying marginalised voices, learning from others, and sharing stories that empower all.

We accept fiction, non-fiction, and illustrative submissions including (but not limited to):

  • Diary entries
  • Long form personal essays
  • Comic strip memories
  • Anecotes from your memoir
  • Artwork/illustration/photography
  • Poetry
  • Stories

Please ensure that your work is your own, and has not been previously published on another platform.

Afternoon Delight Zine is always open to interviewing filmmakers, artists, activists and creatives about their projects and work. Please send us an email or contact us through the form below to pitch yourself and get involved.

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Afternoon Delight

Founded in 2020 by Nikitah Patel and Katie Buller, Afternoon Delight is an online zine for sharing experiences and talking taboos through storytelling and discussion to empower all.

Join the community on Instagram and send us your stories over email. We would love to hear from you.

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