shadow girl – Daniela P Camejo Sanchez

she lives through human flesh

feasts soul crumbs in the corners of your home

she lurks behind statues & stones 

her noiseless cries fill the air & the world groans.  

in window reflections for a second she exists 

do you ever truly live if you are left unseen?

hugs & kisses to the obnoxious ones 

show your gums succumb 

even if not hands-on, i’ve lived she says 

tasted death’s distress

shown nipples & heard giggles

pistols taken out 

she escapes to find herself & yet find none 

look at the sun & fish another soul 

for it is a treasure the living 

till someone cracks your skull 

& you become dull

wake up & swallow shears

immortal that bleeds 

escape & hide between sheets 

get sucked by pits of broken dishes 

lose hearing & choke with thick vines 

drown under him 

upside down 

& die


Written by Daniela P Camejo Sanchez 
Illustrated by Afternoon Delight

Daniela is a Venezuelan writer and her work focuses on rebellion, womanhood, disease, and more. Her work is soon to be featured in The Ethel ZineOlney MagazinePastel Serenity, New York Quarterly, and more. You may find her on Twitter as @danielapcamejo

shadow girl is a poem about toxic and abusive relationships, and more importantly, losing yourself because of them.

If you are affected or worried by a harmful relationship, or know someone who is, help is available now. Visit the Mental Health Foundation (UK) website for information.

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